Shopping Wisely with Macy’s Coupons

Macy's store

Macy’s was founded by Rowland Hussey Macy between the year 1843 and 1855. Started by opening a retail dry goods stores including the one located in downtown Haverhill, Massachusetts that serves the mill industry employees of the area. Macy moved to New York City in 1858 and established a new store named R.H Macy Dry Goods. On the company’s first day of business on October 28, 1858 its sales totaled $11.08, equal to $279.82 today. Since the start of its operation, Macy’s logo has included a star in one form or another, which comes from a tattoo that Macy got as a teenager when he worked on a Nantucket whaling ship.

As the business grew, Macy’s expanded into neighboring buildings, opening more branches of its retail stores. In order to attract customers to its stores, Macy’s used publicity devices such as store Santa Claus, themed exhibits, and illuminated window displays to draw in customers. It also offers a money back guarantee, although it only accepted cash into the 1950s. It also offers an on-site factory wherein it offers its own made-to-measure clothing for both men and women.

Whenever you shop at Macy’s department stores, make sure that you get to enjoy your shopping experience. It offers its customers ways to save money on their purchase of items, together with the macy’s coupons, you get to purchase items at a price on sale. International shoppers can get a discount card good for 11% off most purchases at the Visitor’s center. The store offers wide selection of products from famous brands and local brands.

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